Sign & Talk

Sign and Talk playgroup


Is your child getting frustrated trying to tell you what they want? Do you want to help reduce stress and increase the connection with your child?

Our Sign and Talk playgroup is designed to show your child (and you) effective ways to communicate and connect. Children want to communicate, but they don’t always know how. In this playgroup, our main focus is COMMUNICATION! Your child will be exposed to sign language, as well as, speech and language intervention strategies to “spark” communication.

Weekly activities include songs, stories, puppets, art and lots of play. Through a unique multisensory approach, we target prelinguistic, social-emotional, literacy and speech and language skills. Your child will have numerous opportunities to learn and practice new skills in a playful and safe environment. Come join our fun and dynamic playgroup and get your child started on their communication journey.

NOTE: This group will benefit children who are already receiving speech and language therapy or other early intervention services, or who may be at risk for developing a speech and language delay/disorder.


Ages - 24 to 48 Months

Dates - TBD

Times - TBD

Length - 6 week series

Cost - $150* or $30 drop in rate per class (*Pro-rated fee available if you decide to join late in the series)

Where - Our space is located in North Santa Ana near the Main Place Mall and Discovery Cube. Contact us for more details.

Questions - Call (415) 640-8641 | Email

Space is limited so please register early. You will be asked to pay with PayPal after registering or pay by check when during your first visit.