Workshops & PlaygroupS

Baby Communication 101

For all new and soon to be parents, this 60 minute workshop will provide some answers to questions like... when will my baby start talking and how do I know if my child has delayed speech? We will practice some basic signs so you can start communicating with your baby early. You will also learn evidenced-based strategies to help stimulate language development and create a strong foundation for communication to blossom.

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Baby Sign Playgroup

Ages - Birth to 24 Months

Ever wonder what your baby is thinking? Your baby is capable of using gestures and signs to communicate before they can talk. Discover the joy of learning American Sign Language (ASL) in our fun and dynamic Baby Sign Playgroup and walk away feeling inspired to take communication to the next level with your child.

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Spanish Playgroup

Ages - 5 years and under

Did you know that between 50 to 80% of the world’s population is bilingual? Numerous studies have shown that learning a second language benefits a child’s cognitive, social and communication skills. In our Spanish Playgroup, children learn Spanish in a fun, dynamic and engaging manner.

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