Baby Sign

Baby Sign Playgroup


Ever wonder what your baby is thinking? Your baby is capable of using gestures and signs to communicate before they can talk. Discover the joy of learning American Sign Language (ASL) in our fun and dynamic Baby Sign Workshop and walk away feeling inspired to take communication to the next level with your child.

In addition to signing, you will learn evidenced-based strategies to help stimulate language development and create a strong foundation for communication to blossom. Together we can ignite the “Sparks” that get communication started.


Ages - 3 to 12 Months

Session 1 Dates & Times - Friday, November 1st to Friday, December 13th (no class during Thanksgiving weekend) | 9:00 - 10:00 AM every Friday

Session 2 Dates & Times - Saturday, November 2nd to Saturday, December 14th (no class during Thanksgiving weekend) | 10:45 - 11:45 AM every Saturday

Length - 6 week series

Cost - $150* or $30 drop in rate per class (*Pro-rated fee available if you decide to join late in the series)

Where - Our space is located in North Santa Ana near the Main Place Mall and Discovery Cube. Contact us for more details.

Questions - Call (415) 640-8641 | Email

Space is limited so please register early. You will be asked to pay with PayPal after registering or pay by check when during your first visit.