Baby Communication 101

Baby communication 101 workshop


For all new and soon to be parents, this 60 minute workshop will provide some answers to questions like... when will my baby start talking, when should I start signing to my baby, what things can I do to help them communicate more effectively, what's typical and atypical language development? We will cover over 50 highly useful signs to start using with your baby during your daily routines. You will also learn evidenced-based strategies to help stimulate language development and create a strong foundation for communication to blossom. Bring your baby and witness for yourself how our fun and easy to learn songs will keep them engaged and happy while learning sing language. After taking this short workshop, you will walk away feeling inspired to take communication into your own hands.


This workshop is for new and soon to be parents. Babies and toddlers are welcomed.

Dates - TBD

Times - TBD

Length - 60 minutes

Cost - $40.00

Where - Our space is located in North Santa Ana near the Main Place Mall and Discovery Cube. Contact us for more details.

Questions - Call (415) 640-8641 | Email

Space is limited so please register and submit your payment to reserve a spot. You will be asked to pay with PayPal after registering or please indicate that you prefer to pay with check or cash during your first visit.